Coronation anthems

Georg Friedrich Händel (composer)

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Coronation Anthems, HWV 258-261
Georg Friedrich Händel
1listenscoreFour Coronation Anthems: Zadok The Priest (HWV 258)
2listenscoreMy Heart is Inditing of a good matter; I speak of the things which I have made unto the King
3listenscoreKing's Daughters were among the honourable women
4listenscoreUpon thy right hand did stand the Queen in vesture of gold; And the King shall have pleasure in thy beauty
5listenscoreKings Shall be thy nursing fathers, and queens thy nursing mothers
6listenscoreLet thy Hand be Strengthened, and thy right hand be exalted
7listenscoreLet Justice and Judgement be the preparation of thy seat
9listenscoreThe King Shall Rejoice in thy strength, O Lord
10listenscoreExceeding Glad Shall he be thy salvation
11listenscoreGlory and great worship has thou laid upon him. Thou hast prevented him with the blessings of goodness and has set a crown of pure gold upon his head
Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351
Georg Friedrich Händel
15listenscoreLa Paix
16listenscoreLe Rejouissance
17listenscoreMenuet 1 & 2