Rakeʼs progress

Igor Stravinsky (composer)

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Disc 01

Rakeʼs progress
Igor Stravinsky
2listen"The woods are green"
3listen"Anne, my dear" (Trulove)
4listen"Here I stand" / "Since it is not by merit" (Tom)
5listen"Tom Rakewell?" (Nick)
6listen"Fair lady, gracious gentlemen" / "I wished but once"
7listen"I'll call the coachman, sir"
8listen"Farewell for now" (Anne)
9listen"All is ready, sir" (Nick)
10listen"Dear father Trulove" / "Laughter and light"
11listen"With air commanding and weapon handy"
12listen"Come, Tom"
13listen"Soon dawn will glitter" (Whores)
14listen"Sisters of Venus, Brothers of Mars" (Shadow)
15listen"Love, too frequently betrayed"
16listen"How sad a song" (Whores)
17listen"The sun is bright, the grass is green"
18listen"No word from Tom"
19listen"Quietly, night" (Anne)
20listen"My father! Can I desert him" (Anne)
21listen"I go, I go to him" (Anne)
22listen"Vary the song, O London, change!"
23listen"Nature, green unnatural mother" (Tom)
24listen"Always the quarry" (Tom)
25listen"Master, are you alone?" (Nick)
26listen"Come master, observe the host" (Nick)
27listen"In youth the panting slave" (Nick)
28listen"My tale shall be told" (Tom)
30listen"How strange" / "O heart be stronger"(Anne)
31listen"Anne! here!"
32listen"My love, am I to remain in here for ever?"
33listen"Could it then have been known" (Anne)
34listen"I have not run away dear heart" (Baba)

Disc 02

Rakeʼs progress
Igor Stravinsky
1listenscoreAs I was saying ; Come, sweet, come ; Scorned! Abused! The Rake's Progress: As I was saying / Come, sweet, come / Scorned! Abused!
2listen"My heart is cold, I cannot weep"
3listenPantomime - "Fa la la" (Nick)
4listen"O I wish it were true" (Tom)
5listen"Thanks to this excellent device" (Tom)
6listen"Forgive me, master" (Shadow)
7listen"Ruin, Disaster, Shame"
8listen"Ladies, both fair and gracious" (Sellem)
9listen"Who hears me, knows me" / "Seven - eleven" / "Behold it, Roman, moral" / "Fifteen - and a half" / "Wonderful" / "An unknown object draws us" / "Fifty - fifty-five"
10listen"Sold! Annoyed!" / "Now what was that!"
11listen"You love him" / "If boys had wings"
12listen"I go to him" / "Who cares a fig"
14listen"How dark and dreadful is this place"
15listen"Very well, then, my dear and good Tom"
16listen"Well, then" - "My heart is wild with fear"
17listen"I burn! I burn! I freeze!"
18listen"With roses crowned" (Tom)
19listen"Prepare yourselves, heroic shades" / "Madmen's words are all untrue" / "Leave all love and hope behind"
20listen"There he is. Have no fear"
21listen"I have waited" (Anne)
22listen"In a foolish dream" (Tom)
23listen"I am exceedingly weary" (Tom)
24listen"Gently, little boat"
25listen"Anne, my dear, the tale is ended now" (Trulove)
26listen"Every wearied body" (Anne)
27listen"Where art thou Venus?"
28listen"Mourn for Adonis" (Chorus)
29listen"Good people, just a moment"